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Massage on demand

We care of everything for you to enjoy a professional massage without leaving home

Order massage

5000 руб.
2500 руб.

Order at-home massage:
Convenient, fast, safe!

It is convenient

Now you can easily avoid traffic jams and enjoy massage at home or hotel. We come to you with professional massage table and hypoallergenic materials (oil and creams).

It is fast

We come to any area of the city and the nearest suburbs in just an hour: home, office, corporate event or conference.

It is safe

All the employees have medical education. Before admission to work with clients, massage therapists are carefully checked in order to meet the company's standards:
  1. Security service check;
  2. Confirmation of the relevant experience;
  3. Customer interaction skills.
You can be sure that a professional therapist will come to you and your health will be in reliable hands.

It's easy

We have managed to simplify the payment system for our customers. That is why we accept both cash payments and bank cards as payment methods.

It is portable

We accept customers from any district of St. Petersburg: Tsentralny, Primorsky, Nevsky, Kalininsky, Krasnogvardeysky, Moskovsky, Petrogradsky, Kirovsky e.t.c. Are you in the nearest suburb? No problem! Our experts will be able to come to you as well.

Expert level of service

Фото специалисты массажа

Our specialists

Our therapists have great clinical experience in the implementation of modern massage techniques. There are hundreds of clients who have improved their health and quality of life by assistance of our therapists.

We guarantee the great service quality, rapid problem identification as well as selection of the propriate solution.

The most modern equipment

350 kg


95 cm

Table Width
with hand rack

220 cm

table Length
with headrest

All our employees are provided with professional equipment and certified oils from trusted manufacturers. That's why we guarantee your safety as well as the absence of side effects after the cosmetics usage.

Portable tables for pregnant and lactating women. Their specificity is that they have holes for the best convenience of the woman allowing to lie properly for our staff to perform Prenatal massage.

Massage chairs. They help us to work and provide the great loyalty, efficiency and health of the employees of our partners’ companies as well as at events and various forums. Taking up a very little space in the office, we can provide massage therapy even if the separate room is not available.

All types of professional massage with delivery to your home!

Only highly specialized therapists provide massage services. Just make an order and you will be visited by the most competent masseur in particular type of massage.

Praktika-M is the only fully medically licensed service of massage on demand in St. Petersburg

Three facts about us

1. Careful selection of massage specialists

Before admission to work, our therapists are checked by the security service. All massage therapists confirm their knowledge and experience. We highlight the professional skills and strengths of each masseur. By placing an order, you get a highly specialized therapist in any type of massage. For example we can provide you experts in such types of massage like Sleep massage, Deep Tissue massage or Swedish massage.

2. For the whole family

You can share the selected number of massage hours between your family members or colleagues in the office.

3. We constantly develop our massage therapists

We always care about the level of our services, so our therapists always passing additional relevant exams and certifications. You get the most competent masseur choosing Prenatal massage, Children massage or any other.


45 min.

4000 rub.

4000 rub.


60 min.

5000 rub.

5000 rub.


90 min.

7000 rub.

7000 rub.



1. Why should I trust your services?
We are fully licensed service of massage on demand. All members of Praktika-M team are professionals and experts in their areas of responsibility, everyone has medical education and extensive experience in particular types of massage therapies.
All employees are pre-selected in three stages:
1. Interview for estimation of the level of adequacy and social adaptation;
2. Theoretical and practical examination;
3. Security check.
Successful candidates are trained in order to meet company’s standards of service. Praktika-M massage therapists have medical education as well as various relevant certificates. We take full responsibility for our services, your safety and compliance with the medical standards. You can always call +7 (812) 244-35-49 from 8AM to 11PM and our manager will be happy to answer all your questions.
Every type of massage(including Sport massage and Medical massage) is performed by professionals in the area . For example, ordering a massage therapist at home for your toddler (Child massage), you can be sure that therapist in massage for children with the great experience will arrive. You do not need to worry — order the service and get pleasure at your home, hotel or office.
2. What time is available for at-home massage?
Our service is available in St. Petersburg on any day of the week from 8AM to 11PM.
3. How to order and how it happens?
There are three ways to order our services: by the phone
+7 (812) 244-35-49, by filling in the application form or ordering a call back (our manager will contact you within 5 minutes).
1. Call us or leave a request on the site.
2. Manager contacts you to confirm the selected time of the order.
3. Therapist arrives at the address you specify 15 minutes before the appointed time with everything needed.
4. Sets up the massage table and prepares the working place.While this you fill out the questionnaire (be sure to specify contraindications, if any).
5. Therapist performs the chosen massage session according to your wishes.
6. You pay for the services using the payment method you prefer.
7. Therapist provides you with post-procedure recommendations.
8. Therapist leaves. You stay to relax and enjoy.
4. Can I select the therapist?
The first session is conducted by a specialist we have chosen specifically for you based on the parameters in the application . You can be assured in quality of the services — all our employees have been carefully selected.
You can specify the gender of the specialist in the application.
We also know that the maximum effect occurs while working with the same specialist. Be sure to specify this in the application if necessary.
Choosing the course you can set the dates in advance.
5. What are the prices?
We have simplified the pricing policy for the transparency. We have created unified pricing regardless of the selected service.
45 minutes-2700 rubles.
60 minutes-3000 rubles.
90 minutes-4500 rubles.

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